24 Thorns Show Promo's

The band play's shows... and you wanna see them!! Drop us your email! 24 Thorns will send out promo flyers for upcoming shows, including ticket specials, meet and greets, and even some free giveaways.

Notable Bill's

24 Thorns has shared the stage with such illustrious bands as SpongeHelmetAdemaSmile Empty SoulDigital Summer,Authority ZeroFaster PussycatFuelGemini SyndromeProngSoulfly, and Fear Factory, to name the headliners.

Notable Venue's

Some of the venues we’ve played with these headliners are the Marquee Theater with Soulfly and Fear Factory; Sponge at 910 Live, Helmet atClub Red, Edema at Clubhouse, Smile Empty Soul at the Big Fish Pub/Joe's Grotto, Digital Summer at Club Red, Authority Zero/Faster Pussycat at Tuba City Western Navajo Fair, Fuel at the Skye Lounge, Gemini Syndrome at Big Fish Pub, Prong at the Martini Ranch (now called Wasted Grain).