24 Thorns is Tempe, Arizona’s premier heavy rock band. Established in 2009, 24 Thorns began as a group of musicians who set out to create a new style of melodic heavy music. Creative collaboration between the band and willingness to try new things has allowed the band to grow musically. Our horizons are infinite with music. 24 Thorns is constantly writing and producing new songs and look forward to sharing some of them with you very soon! Lookout 2018! \m/\m/


Our shared influences include Metallica, Tool, Alice in Chains, Deftones, and Sevendust, to name a few.


24 Thorns has set our sights on reaching fans around the world and giving audiences an experience they’re not soon to forget. We have devoted our lives to music, music production and living the lifestyle - not for fame or billions of dollars, but for the opportunity to share our love of music with our fans and a couple bucks for gas.


We like to refer to our style of music as “Melodic Metal.” It's heavy, clean, harmonic, melodic, and straight forward all at once. 24 Thorns is a journey through the twisted hours of music. These songs are our stories, thoughts, and expressions painted with music.

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